Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Contoh diary in English

Today was Sunday. I got up at four a clock. After that ,I took a blussion for a dawn prayer. At five a clock, my father and I went to jogging. My father and I jogging in the my village. After minutes again my father and I met a dog. I very shocked. Because I’m afraid with a dog. But I like a cat. Finally, the dog had gone. I happy and relief. After one hour again, I felt so tired.

Finally, I and my father took a rest in the maharani village. After take a rest my father and I arrived in my home. My father and I arrived in home, at a half past seven. After arrived in my home, my mother wanted me to sweep the yard of my home. When I swept the yard, my mom cooked for our breakfast. And my sister cleaned our dining room. At 09.30 I went to bathroom to take a bath.
At ten a clock, my sister wanted me to accompany her to shopping and I agree it. So, we decided to go to Kediri mall. We went to Kediri mall
By motorcycle. I need an hour to go to there. After we arrived there, we went to dress shop. My sister bought a beautiful red dress for her, and a cute purple dress for me.
After we bought two dresses, we continue to shoe store. After that my sister wanted to buy a new shoes. Because her shoes was so bad. In there, my sister got a nice shoes with a cheap price. She was happy and felt satisfied. After that, we continue to game zone. Game zone located in the third floor of Kediri mall. In game zone we played so many games, I start from bom-bom car, a mini basketball, and other.
 After that, we felt so tired , we decided to go to home. Until we arrived in our home. After that I went to bed directly. Although I felt so tired, but I was so happy. Because I can spend my Sunday with my sister. I was so happy. I want replay today for next Sunday. And I hope more fun than today. After to hour’s , my sister woke up me. I very shocked. After I get up, we cooked fried rice. Our fried rice was very delliciouse. I like it. :D:D:D

:D This is a example diary in English :D
:D Semoga Bermanfaat :D

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